• To support researchers in growing and diversifying research funding
  • To increase competitiveness of investigators for extramural research support
  • To develop and implement research policy to protect and enhance resources in coordination with UPR Vice-Presidency for Research & Technology
  • To optimize administrative support for research having efficient and accountable administration
  • Promote a research culture and environment within the MSC



  • The UPR MSC Research Deanship should be a catalyst and provide strategic support to the research enterprise by leveraging human capital and infrastructure for the creation and transmission of knowledge.

Our Logo


Our logo contains the work unit that expands its reach far beyond the team members that comprise it. The drop represents the various divisions within CRECED and the ocean represents research. As the continuous drop falls into the ocean, it creates an expansive wave. Water has always meant life and we work together to give research life. We are that drop of water necessary for research ideas to materialize. The extent of what we forge together reaches far beyond us, and it continues to expand and grow. Our commitment is to support viable research efforts in the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus with the premise that the research findings in our institution will impact the world.